ISUSec is a collegiate information security club that is dedicated to teaching computer security. At any given time, we also have a couple of research projects going on attempting to improve the field of computer security.


We meet once a week during the school year in a computer lab where we conduct demos and give hands on practice with different tools and exploits.


8pm on Wednesday


Old Union Horizon Lab at Illinois State University


There are two main ways to get in contact with the club, you may reach out to the IRC channel on freenode, #isusec. We also have a mail list on google groups. In addition we have a Github organization that we use to share work and our competition problems.

Current Projects

At any given point at time, the club is working on a couple of different projects.

###Wifi Sniffer Project

Using a raspberry pi with wireless device to track wireless clients and relay that information to a server where it is collected and organized.

Sniffer Server

Sniffer Client

###NightShade - Capture the Flag Framework

A simple framework that allows people to run their own capture the flag contests. You can run your ctf using our platform, contact us to get setup.

ISUSec’s CTF Site

NightShade Source